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Jumbo Reverse Mortgage (Members)
I know AAG does portfolio jumbo reverse mortgages, can anyone point me to any other companies that do the same? (Replies: 1)
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FMC Lending, Inc. (Members)
Anyone every use FMC Lending, Inc., they are private money lenders listed on Scottsman Guide, wanted to get any feedback positive or negative. Thank you (Replies: 11)
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Hiring Mortgage Lo's (Members)
American Capital Corp is Growing. We are seeking New Loan Officers for WA, OR, CA, TN, TX, NM, CO We are a full service Lender with FHA VA Conventional financing. American Capital Corporation ( (Replies: 0)
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Wanted Loan Officers NMLS 264422 (Members)
American Capital Corp is Growing. We are seeking New Loan Officers for WA, OR, CA, TN, TX, NM, CO We are a full service Lender with FHA VA Conventional financing. American Capital Corporation ( (Replies: 8)
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5 years ago, Deephaven launched its Non-QM correspondent division, and we have become the leader in the space, and are now entering the wholesale sector. Please feel free to contact me with more quest (Replies: 0)
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Anyone having success using "Lead Funnel" website (Members)
ANY AND ALL RESPONSES APPRECIATED! Is anyone else having good-great-moderate success from using a "Lead funnel" landing page, that walks the potential borrower through a series of steps, where they (Replies: 52)
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Can we not count this mortgage in DTI (Members)
My new buyer owns three properties. Two were bought for cash and have no mortgages. The third one has a $300k mortgage and he runs his business out of it. The mortgage is in his LLC's name and is not (Replies: 12)
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Lending Tree leads or someone else (Members)
Hello everyone, I'm trying to get ahead of the game for 2018 and want to know if any of you had purchased leads from Lending Tree? We are currently buying leads from best rate and most of our bus (Replies: 58)
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1120 S Line#4 income sale of property (Members)
U W is considering nonrecurring income on line#4 from 1120 S tax return. Its net gain of $50000 from sale of business property-- one time--wiping all my client income by showing negative income on ca (Replies: 1)
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Proposed GOP tax plan (Members)
It appears in the proposed tax plan, that the mortgage interest deduction will be capped to homes with mortgages of $500k or less. Leaves states on either coast out of luck, as well as capping propert (Replies: 263)
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Telemarketer for cold calling (Members)
Hello All, I am a work at home telemarketer have 9 years experience in generating mortgage refinance leads. Willing to work for someone on exclusive basis. Interested loan officers will have to pro (Replies: 4)
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Has anyone used Mortgage Differential Payment? (Members)
Has anyone ever used Mortgage Differential Payment Income as qualifying income for a Home purchase? If so, How does it work?" Thanks (Replies: 4)
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I need Revers Mortgage Loan Officers (Members)
I need your help everyone! I am in need of licensed Reverse Mortgage Loan Officers in PA, MD, NJ and VA for one of my Pennsylvania Mortgage Branches I work with. They PAY and PROVIDE for ALL MARKETING (Replies: 2)
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Any recommendations? (Members)
Basically, I wanna compile a list of websites that loan officers actually use to stay on top of the mortgage finance realty markets. The list below is for websites that I've 'favorited' or 'bookm (Replies: 20)
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Reverse Mortgage Call Lists for S.Cal. (Members)
I have many call list for S. Cal for reverse for sale.The filters are good, in CSV format. You will need to scrub them for the DNC!I can call them for you! Call me at (530)274-1801 for more inform (Replies: 5)
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Leads (Members)
I will put your name and company listing on the mtg professionals page and send you ALL LEADS for a particular state than I am not licensed in. - NO GUARANTEE for number of leads - COST: $125 year (Replies: 0)
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Why do Reverse Mortgages have a bad rap? (Members)
Why is this? AARP has never given RM much of green light, and realtors don't like it because they want to sell Granny's house and put her in another one? Lawyers don't seem to like them. Y (Replies: 35)
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Wholesale Heloc's/2nd Mortgages (Members)
Any wholesalers doing true 2nd's without having to combine it with a 1st and actually paying brokers. My guess is the answer is no, but just thought I would check? (Replies: 6)
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HECM (Members)
Who are the go to HECM lenders? I have a 60 page application from one but...really? 20 year broker, I've never had such an onerous application. Thanks, mortgage pals! (Replies: 9)
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American Homeowner Preservation (Members)
You can invest into this for as little as $100 dollars - it is a good place to get 12% return on your money. Self-Directed retirement funds OK. AHP to Purchase 799 Mortgages From Bankrupt Lender P (Replies: 0)
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Reverse Mortgage for Non FHA Condo (Members)
Looking for a reverse mortgage on a condo that is not FHA approved. Any help is greatly appreciated. I tried AAG but loan amount is too small. (Replies: 5)
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Second Mortgage Scenario (Members)
A potential client has a second mortgage on the house he used to live in prior to his divorce. He signed a quit claim deed but saddled with a $100,000 mortgage for a house he does not live in. His ex (Replies: 3)
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90% to $2M? (Members)
Is there a good lender for this? My borrowers are doctors making $700k at hospital and buying home in San Francisco where the prices are high. 720 credit scores. So is there either a one loan at 9 (Replies: 34)
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FHA Purchase Loan (Members)
Client wants to purchase new two family with FHA mortgage. Currently owns two family and that FNMA mortgage had a loan modification. Current 4000.1 reads that a mortgage that has been modified m (Replies: 5)
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Non FHA Reverse Mortgages? (Members)
Can anyone point me in the right direction for a non FHA reverse mortgage program? I have a Borrower who lives in a condo that is not and will not be FHA approved. (Replies: 6)
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