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Reverse Mortgage for Non FHA Condo (Members)
Looking for a reverse mortgage on a condo that is not FHA approved. Any help is greatly appreciated. I tried AAG but loan amount is too small. (Replies: 5)
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Second Mortgage Scenario (Members)
A potential client has a second mortgage on the house he used to live in prior to his divorce. He signed a quit claim deed but saddled with a $100,000 mortgage for a house he does not live in. His ex (Replies: 3)
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90% to $2M? (Members)
Is there a good lender for this? My borrowers are doctors making $700k at hospital and buying home in San Francisco where the prices are high. 720 credit scores. So is there either a one loan at 9 (Replies: 34)
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So here's the deal: I've got most of the reverse mortgage data for the state of California---about 500,000 records---all of which has been purchased over the past 5 years. The data is of the hig (Replies: 0)
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FHA Purchase Loan (Members)
Client wants to purchase new two family with FHA mortgage. Currently owns two family and that FNMA mortgage had a loan modification. Current 4000.1 reads that a mortgage that has been modified m (Replies: 5)
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Non FHA Reverse Mortgages? (Members)
Can anyone point me in the right direction for a non FHA reverse mortgage program? I have a Borrower who lives in a condo that is not and will not be FHA approved. (Replies: 6)
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Simultaneous 2nd mortgage 75/15 (Members)
Condo Broward County 90% ltv need to know who does this, out of the loop doing this for a friend (Replies: 1)
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Citi keeps moving away from (Members)
anyone find this a surprise here ? http: articles 38979-citi-keeps-moving-away-from-the-mortgage-business (Replies: 0)
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Attention: Experienced LO's and Branch Managers (Members)
Bank of England Mortgage is a division of the Bank of England, a locally owned community bank located in England, Arkansas. We provide our clients with the expertise and services that are traditionall (Replies: 0)
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3rd mtg to pay off ex from divorce, Cali (Members)
Suggestions please. Anyone know of a lender that offers a 3rd mortgage for a home located in California? Credit and job history are solid. Income is there. Family is getting divorced and one is ke (Replies: 11)
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SE income question (Members)
I have a self employed borrower (realtor)that has very tight ratios. Not so bad before but with rates higher now and the combination of a few other things we are at 45.7% back end. Can not get LP Stre (Replies: 11)
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call center verified refi leads (Members)
Looking for an office to take my call center verified refinance leads. Reach out and let's see if we can do business. Thanks, (Replies: 1)
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How do we do order a 1007 Rent Schedule? (Members)
I have a buyer who is buying a new primary residence with a VA mortgage. He is keeping his current smaller residence and converting it to an investment property. The underwriter is requiring that (Replies: 1)
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Reverse Mortgage on Non FHA Approved Condo? (Members)
I have a file for a reverse mortgage but found out the condo is not FHA approved and the HOA says they have tried but not been able to get FHA approval in the past. Can anyone point me in a direct (Replies: 3)
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100% Exclusive VA Mortgage Leads (Members)
Hey all, I am looking for 1-2 SOLID loan officers in each state who want EXCLUSIVE VA mortgage leads. About the leads: <li>100% VA Residential< li> <li>100% Exclusive< (Replies: 0)
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VA doesn't care about being O/O for a Refi? (Members)
Or at least they don't care if the property gets turned into N O O shortly after closing. I had a previous customer who I called about refinancing his house. We closed him on a USDA mortgage whe (Replies: 7)
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who's gotten richer using ... (Members)
i've been bombarded lately with calls emails from Ilieads mortgage leads direct and free rate update which i posted earlier ... and Mandyvilla said one LO in her office is killing it with these lead (Replies: 6)
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LeadPOPS vs UnBounce (Members)
Anyone on here use LeadPOPs? Just ran across them and signed up as the landing page form for mortgages is awesome. I spent many hours on Unbounce putting together AB pages and there beginner page is (Replies: 6)
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FHA MCR (Members)
Need some guidance as my underwriter is saying MCR's never expire, but I wanted to check with the board veterans if this was accurate. (Replies: 2)
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2nd Mortgae Lenders, Wholesale (Members)
Hello, I have a borrower with a credit score at about 690, BK about 4 years ago, and is looking for a 2nd mortgage for about $25-50K. CLTV would be under 80%. Solid file (outside of BK). Any lender (Replies: 0)
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$100 for a pre qual (Members)
Where I have my real estate license ( Berkshire Hathaway ) the in house mortgage company ( Trident Mortgage ) which also is a BH company is offering $100 to the client for a pre qual . Can they do (Replies: 24)
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Data for Renters (Members)
Does anyone know how I can get data of renters? Name - address - how much do they rent for - etc...I'm looking to start a campaign aiming at first time homebuyers. I know its nothing new, it's just (Replies: 7)
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2nd Mortgage to 90% CLTV in Florida (Members)
SFR Purchase transaction for $550,000. Borrower had short sale 09 13 2012. As of 09 13 2016, it will be 4 years which meets fannie requirements for the first. Doing first mortgage of $417,000 at (Replies: 2)
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Montreal mortgage Brokers (Members)
Looking for a Montreal mortgage Brokers in urban center to urge you a good low rate? Look below to seek out your space mortgage broker which will assist you get a mortgage. They will give you excellen (Replies: 0)
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Great idea but is it practical? (Members)
Is it safe to assume that there are a lot of banks out there that don't offer residential mortgage products or got out of it? How do you go about finding those banks and creating a relationship where (Replies: 1)
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