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$350,000 Owner-Occupied 4-Family-Need Financing (Members)
Looking for a wholesale lender that can finance a 4 family home in NY with as little at 10% down. 743 credit score, $101,000 in liquid reserves. Need answer fast. This will close! (Replies: 2)
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Wholesale Lenders Offering CRA Loans? (Members)
I used to do CRA (California Reinvestment Act) loans a long time ago and would like to offer them again, but I haven't seen any wholesale lenders that offer that program anymore. Does anyone know of a (Replies: 0)
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Jumbo Lender Recommendation (Members)
Hello All, I'm looking for your recommendations on Jumbo Lenders that you work with. Currently referring all our deals to a friend at " Big Bank", we are trying to keep more of the business in house (Replies: 0)
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No 1099 for LLC's (Members)
So, I've been waiting for a 1099 from one of my lenders, Sierra Pacific. Today, they told me if my company is an LLC, they don't send out 1099's?? Is that true, never heard of this. They sent me (Replies: 5)
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FHA Escrow hold backs for repairs Wholesale Lender (Members)
I used to work with Residential Bancorp when doing FHA loans that allow escrow hold-backs for minor repairs. Unfortunately, they closed their. Is anyone familiar with any lenders that allow the escr (Replies: 4)
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who does 2nds on purchase 90% in california (Members)
Who is a wholesaler that does 90% concurrent 2nds in California? Flagstar does 80% and there is talk of increasing but nothing yet need to find to close in February. (Replies: 5)
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Wholesale Doctor Program (Members)
Just letting the board know that Provident (no; not that provident) has a new doctor program. It's basically standard conforming and HB fannie freddie guides with a little worse pricing; but, does (Replies: 9)
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95% Second Home (Members)
Realtor client says Navy Federal Credit Union will provide 95% financing on a second home. Conventional. Does anyone in wholesale have that program (Replies: 3)
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2nd Mortgae Lenders, Wholesale (Members)
Hello, I have a borrower with a credit score at about 690, BK about 4 years ago, and is looking for a 2nd mortgage for about $25-50K. CLTV would be under 80%. Solid file (outside of BK). Any lender (Replies: 0)
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Wholesale Helocs (Members)
Anyone know of a wholesale 2nd mortgage company that offers HELOCS (Replies: 12)
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best pricing VA IRRRL WA 722 borrower 2.75 comp (Members)
Considering CMG for this, they seem to be competitive with pricing on a VA IRRRL w o appraisal. WA state, 722 mid score, owner occ, 2.75 comp plan. Who is everyone using for low fee or no fee, low (Replies: 4)
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FHA- good/bad/ugly (Members)
Who are the "easier FHA wholesale lenders"? Pricing is important but I've had a few bad experiences with Lenders that over-condition lately. Appreciate your opinions! (Replies: 5)
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wholesale lender, $600k purchase 5% down 95682 (Members)
Hello, Who's got killer pricing for high balance and jumbo on the wholesale side? Subject property is in El Dorado county CA. Purchase price is about $600, 5% $30 down. W2 great ratios's, credit (Replies: 11)
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Why didn't...Wholesaler's argue against TRID? (Members)
Just wondering why the big Wholesaler's didn't aggressively argue against TRID? It has cost them more time money and headaches. (Replies: 30)
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Jumbo down to 660 - Wholesale & Correspondent (Members)
We are the lender official announcements below: Correspondent (Ask how we can waive your reps and warrants, with our CLP)- http: Correspondent_Announcements 2015 Announcement_32-15 (Replies: 0)
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Answer this Question... (Members)
Working on a conventional purchase. Borrower wants to know everything and is shopping against BOA, Wells, etc. Borrower asks the following: Does this mean we are getting a higher rate than your (Replies: 45)
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Franklin American Mortgage (Members)
I have funded about $5M through Franklin American this year, and have not run into a single problem with them. In my 25+ years in the business, I have never had a better wholesale lender. If (Replies: 9)
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Co-Op - NY $320,000 (Members)
Good Morning: Does anyone out there offer co-op financing in NYC with reasonable turn-times? I have one nice loan to submit now, but have several more on the pipeline. This is becoming a much larger p (Replies: 3)
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Stated Income Non Conforming NOO & Commercial (Members)
Direct Wholesale Nationwide Lender Stated Income Non Conforming NOO & Commercial Real Estate Loans $50,000 to $5,000,000 Minimum Credit Score is 600 Quick Closing "YSP" Brokers Protected l (Replies: 1)
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Looking for info rating on them.. i am new to them and my first file has been quite the experience. They are also known as loan depot. (Replies: 3)
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Delegated underwriting Best Wholesaler (Members)
Hello all, I am looking to do delegated underwriting. What are the best lenders to work with? I heard US Bank has a good delegated underwriting program. I am looking at Conventional delegated un (Replies: 3)
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Who finances NYC Co-Ops? (Members)
Does anyone know which wholesale lenders finance co-ops in New York City? Your input would be appreciated? (Replies: 4)
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Wholesale lender recommendations (Members)
Hello BO community, I am hoping to get some feedback from you all on wholesale lenders in California as far as good turn times, rates, etc. Anyone good you use? Anyone use Quicken Wholesale? (Replies: 31)
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UWM (Members)
I have been in the Mortgage industry for 15 years. I have worked with many lenders on a wholesale level. I have recently worked as a retail LO with Shore Mortgage for the past 5 years. I left Shore to (Replies: 27)
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New lender with Service and Price! (Members)
We are now taking applications for 97% Fannie Mae! Take a look at our service levels: Our commitment to you is 2 days. Often we run 24 hours. 2 day approval, 2 day conditions, 1 day funding (Replies: 0)
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