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who does 2nds on purchase 90% in california (Members)
Who is a wholesaler that does 90% concurrent 2nds in California? Flagstar does 80% and there is talk of increasing but nothing yet need to find to close in February. (Replies: 5)
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Wholesale Doctor Program (Members)
Just letting the board know that Provident (no; not that provident) has a new doctor program. It's basically standard conforming and HB fannie freddie guides with a little worse pricing; but, does (Replies: 9)
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95% Second Home (Members)
Realtor client says Navy Federal Credit Union will provide 95% financing on a second home. Conventional. Does anyone in wholesale have that program (Replies: 3)
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2nd Mortgae Lenders, Wholesale (Members)
Hello, I have a borrower with a credit score at about 690, BK about 4 years ago, and is looking for a 2nd mortgage for about $25-50K. CLTV would be under 80%. Solid file (outside of BK). Any lender (Replies: 0)
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Wholesale Helocs (Members)
Anyone know of a wholesale 2nd mortgage company that offers HELOCS (Replies: 12)
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best pricing VA IRRRL WA 722 borrower 2.75 comp (Members)
Considering CMG for this, they seem to be competitive with pricing on a VA IRRRL w o appraisal. WA state, 722 mid score, owner occ, 2.75 comp plan. Who is everyone using for low fee or no fee, low (Replies: 4)
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FHA- good/bad/ugly (Members)
Who are the "easier FHA wholesale lenders"? Pricing is important but I've had a few bad experiences with Lenders that over-condition lately. Appreciate your opinions! (Replies: 7)
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wholesale lender, $600k purchase 5% down 95682 (Members)
Hello, Who's got killer pricing for high balance and jumbo on the wholesale side? Subject property is in El Dorado county CA. Purchase price is about $600, 5% $30 down. W2 great ratios's, credit (Replies: 11)
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Why didn't...Wholesaler's argue against TRID? (Members)
Just wondering why the big Wholesaler's didn't aggressively argue against TRID? It has cost them more time money and headaches. (Replies: 30)
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Jumbo down to 660 - Wholesale & Correspondent (Members)
We are the lender official announcements below: Correspondent (Ask how we can waive your reps and warrants, with our CLP)- http: Correspondent_Announcements 2015 Announcement_32-15 (Replies: 0)
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Answer this Question... (Members)
Working on a conventional purchase. Borrower wants to know everything and is shopping against BOA, Wells, etc. Borrower asks the following: Does this mean we are getting a higher rate than your (Replies: 60)
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Franklin American Mortgage (Members)
I have funded about $5M through Franklin American this year, and have not run into a single problem with them. In my 25+ years in the business, I have never had a better wholesale lender. If (Replies: 9)
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Co-Op - NY $320,000 (Members)
Good Morning: Does anyone out there offer co-op financing in NYC with reasonable turn-times? I have one nice loan to submit now, but have several more on the pipeline. This is becoming a much larger p (Replies: 3)
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Stated Income Non Conforming NOO & Commercial (Members)
Direct Wholesale Nationwide Lender Stated Income Non Conforming NOO & Commercial Real Estate Loans $50,000 to $5,000,000 Minimum Credit Score is 600 Quick Closing "YSP" Brokers Protected l (Replies: 1)
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Looking for info rating on them.. i am new to them and my first file has been quite the experience. They are also known as loan depot. (Replies: 3)
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Delegated underwriting Best Wholesaler (Members)
Hello all, I am looking to do delegated underwriting. What are the best lenders to work with? I heard US Bank has a good delegated underwriting program. I am looking at Conventional delegated un (Replies: 3)
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Who finances NYC Co-Ops? (Members)
Does anyone know which wholesale lenders finance co-ops in New York City? Your input would be appreciated? (Replies: 4)
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Wholesale lender recommendations (Members)
Hello BO community, I am hoping to get some feedback from you all on wholesale lenders in California as far as good turn times, rates, etc. Anyone good you use? Anyone use Quicken Wholesale? (Replies: 31)
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UWM (Members)
I have been in the Mortgage industry for 15 years. I have worked with many lenders on a wholesale level. I have recently worked as a retail LO with Shore Mortgage for the past 5 years. I left Shore to (Replies: 27)
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New lender with Service and Price! (Members)
We are now taking applications for 97% Fannie Mae! Take a look at our service levels: Our commitment to you is 2 days. Often we run 24 hours. 2 day approval, 2 day conditions, 1 day funding (Replies: 0)
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Home Style Renovation Loans (Members)
Any wholesalers doing these reno loans? In calling my FHA customers, three of them are asking me about these loans. Thoughts? (Replies: 6)
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FHA 500 Fico/ VA 500 Fico / SIVA 3 mth Bnk Stmts (Members)
My name is Jesse B Lucero and I am the account executive with Greenbox Loans. We have the most aggressive programs to help you close more deals and of course great pricing so that everyone wins. Take (Replies: 0)
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Just lowered FHA pricing 40bps! (Members)
Check out our pricing. Email me for Rate sheet and broker package. Fast turn times, no overlays, down to 580 fico (Replies: 0)
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SBA Wholesale? (Members)
Broker friend in California has a client who wants to do an SBA loan. Any wholesalers that allow SBA through their channel or the broker can just hook up with a local bank and get paid this way? Th (Replies: 7)
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.25 special for Month of August (Members)
Submit and lock your loan and receive .25 off price for month of August! Conventional HB products only Min. loan size to qualify $300k email me for rate sheet and niche flyers. Easy broker appro (Replies: 0)
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