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Nevada Loan Originators (Members)
Property is still underwater but has a first & 2nd ($272K and $66K) mortgage both taken out 09 2006 as purchase money. May be HARP eligible (Fannie Mae). My client in Florida - this property (Replies: 3)
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call center verified refi leads (Members)
Looking for an office to take my call center verified refinance leads. Reach out and let's see if we can do business. Thanks, (Replies: 1)
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Refinance HARP (Members)
Potential client wants to do a cash-out refinance. He went through HARP program in 2014 and was able to lower his loan by 70K. His current loan is variable around 2% at 40 years. He wants to refinanc (Replies: 12)
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VA Question - First Use vs Subsequent Use (Members)
Score 720 - VA Elite 30 year fixed Lender had this as a First Use which it is (never had a VA loan before) - after the CTC today, all of a sudden I can't go into the file b c of a pending C of C. (Replies: 8)
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Using rental income when it has increased (Members)
Borrower has 4 rental properties. 3 of them are free and clear. He increased the rent on all of these in 2016 and has the current lease. The tax returns show the old rent; has anyone has any luck (Replies: 15)
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Commerical Auto Repair Shop (Members)
I have a client that wants $450K cash out refinance. His mid fico is 781. The property is located in Campbell, CA. The property is worth $2M. This is a repair shop. Current rent is $4150 a month. Whic (Replies: 8)
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VA Loan Refi - Farm, Agricultural, (Members)
Applicants live in sfr on Farm agricultural property that is on 20 acres that is secured by a VA loan that was last refinanced 2 years ago. Applicants looking to refi existing VA loan with a VA Refi (Replies: 2)
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Hard Money Refi & Cash-Out Financing Nationwide (Members)
1.The investment property has to be own free- and- clear. 2.You could leverage the property for any reason. Term –13 Months Loan to ARV–50% Interest Rate 10% - 13% ( varies based on LT (Replies: 4)
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Mortgage Refi - Business Idea Overseas (Members)
Hey everyone, I want to get an opinion on this business idea I've been thinking about, its nothing new. I'm thinking of relocating myself overseas, where I have access to a call center and telemark (Replies: 2)
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VA Loan Experts (Members)
Buyer wants to go VA and do a cash out refinance on existing property. He wants to pay off the 2nd (Navy Federal Credit Union) but keep it. LTV will be 70% or less with the cash out. Anyone (Replies: 14)
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Commercial subprime and conforming loans . (Members)
Hello, My name Is Al Mudre and I have over 25 years experience in commercial residential lending.. STOP WASTING TIME WITH PLACING YOUR COMMERCIAL LOAN NEEDS...We help clients achieve their dreams by c (Replies: 0)
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Private Lender Needs To Move $ 25 MM by April 30th (Members)
NATIONWIDE LENDER SPEICALIZING IN ALTERNATIVE FINANCING * Our Niche is Commerical Refinance We Specialized in Refinance for Commerical Properties. So if you have to refinance because of a Ballon p (Replies: 3)
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Jumbo Question (Members)
No cash out - Florida File was 2 items from CTC - IRS K-1 needed and SSA document. Then, today, a surprise from the UW asking for 6 months reserves for all properties including commercial. Bor (Replies: 11)
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Cash-Out refinance (Members)
I am just starting in the business and this is my third loan. I'm doing a cash-out refinance and need to pay one credit card in full and second one partially. One of the credit cards representative to (Replies: 4)
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Upgrade Purchase Qualifying with two mortgages (Members)
Question: I have a potential buyer that is nearly 100%ltv on their condo, owner occ, but would like to purchase a SFR as owner occ since they now want to live in a house and not a condominium. From (Replies: 2)
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Declining Income - Self Employed (Members)
Rate & term refinance Borrower has 2 small businesses. 2013 - 21,000 - #1 business (self empl-nail tech) 2014 - 15,000 - Declined by 6K - changed employers 2015 - 25,000 YTD as of 09 30 (Replies: 1)
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Refi Live Transfers - Ready, Willing, Able Clients (Members)
Hello we are offering Refinance live transfers to mortgage companies that are willing to commit to a minimum of 25 live transfers a week. Clients are delivered on the phone to your Loan Officer. Each (Replies: 0)
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Online Loan Origination Software (Members)
Does anyone use an online los? Any recommendation? I use encompass with my company but I want to be able to retain my own database if I decide to move company. Any suggestions will be appreciated. (Replies: 5)
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Commercial Loan (Members)
Looking for a commercial lender for a 2nd td, I have a LOI from my borrower for another commercial lender and he's looking for another source, 45-50% CLTV, $400k 2nd. If you want to send me your cont (Replies: 9)
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Title question (deceased parent), Georgia (Members)
Guys, Looks like I have a new applicant whose father passed away a few years back (2011). The daughter and mother (his spouse) have been making the payments to the mortgage company, business as usua (Replies: 8)
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HELOC up to max ltv, 720 fico w/ tax returns only (Members)
Looking for a max ltv HELOC, currently at 45% ltv, balance is $205k, 720 fico, had a shortsale back in 2010 but did not have any lates, primary res, w2, just tax returns and if needed perhaps (Replies: 0)
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1st Alliance Lending (Members)
Licensed in 47 States (Not licensed in Hawaii, Nevada, Missouri, West Virginia) Specializing in sub 640 FHA programs FHA Portfolio program with Manual Underwrites down to 500 Fico for Purchase an (Replies: 0)
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Florida Hard Money - Cash Out Refi - $1.17M (Members)
Looking for a Hard Money Lender in Florida with lowest rate points Only 6 months seasoning requirement or NO seasoning requirement Cash out refinance Borrower has owned property since September 2 (Replies: 6)
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FHA to FHA Refinance Credit & Appraisal Refinance (Members)
I have a borrower with a current FHA loan, but to meet the net tangible benefit and not have him bring any funds to close he is going as a credit qualifying FHA refinance with appraisal. Am I limited (Replies: 5)
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15 Year FHA (Members)
Odd day as I have had a few calls for FHA 15 year refinances...not get a lot of these, so I want to confirm on a cash out (75% LTV) is the upfront MIP still 1.75% and then MIP .45? *I know this see (Replies: 2)
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