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Refi adding son to deed (Members)
Mom currently owns property . mortgage and deed in her name only .Want to refi no cashout .add son to deed and new mortgage in his name only. she would still be on deed but not on new mortgage. Can it (Replies: 2)
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Less than 2 years out of Chapter 7 (Members)
Hi everyone, Are there any lenders that can do a refi on a deal that is 18 months out of a chapter 7? Everything else is good, scores, income, etc. It is O O, so it can't go hard money. (Replies: 1)
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Nevada Loan Originators (Members)
Property is still underwater but has a first & 2nd ($272K and $66K) mortgage both taken out 09 2006 as purchase money. May be HARP eligible (Fannie Mae). My client in Florida - this property (Replies: 3)
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call center verified refi leads (Members)
Looking for an office to take my call center verified refinance leads. Reach out and let's see if we can do business. Thanks, (Replies: 1)
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Refinance HARP (Members)
Potential client wants to do a cash-out refinance. He went through HARP program in 2014 and was able to lower his loan by 70K. His current loan is variable around 2% at 40 years. He wants to refinanc (Replies: 12)
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MIP FHA Streamline Refi (Members)
I was wondering how do we calculate MIP refund when we do FHA Streamline Refi? Also, how do we calculate "earned MIP premium" that gets added on to the principal balance when payoff is calculated? L (Replies: 1)
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Things that make you go hmmmm..... (Members)
Borrower calls me to refi a few months ago, a few glitches and a low credit score have prevented them from refinancing before. We work on getting the credit improved and run the file through AUS. Ba (Replies: 7)
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VA Question - First Use vs Subsequent Use (Members)
Score 720 - VA Elite 30 year fixed Lender had this as a First Use which it is (never had a VA loan before) - after the CTC today, all of a sudden I can't go into the file b c of a pending C of C. (Replies: 8)
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VA doesn't care about being O/O for a Refi? (Members)
Or at least they don't care if the property gets turned into N O O shortly after closing. I had a previous customer who I called about refinancing his house. We closed him on a USDA mortgage whe (Replies: 7)
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Using rental income when it has increased (Members)
Borrower has 4 rental properties. 3 of them are free and clear. He increased the rent on all of these in 2016 and has the current lease. The tax returns show the old rent; has anyone has any luck (Replies: 15)
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Commerical Auto Repair Shop (Members)
I have a client that wants $450K cash out refinance. His mid fico is 781. The property is located in Campbell, CA. The property is worth $2M. This is a repair shop. Current rent is $4150 a month. Whic (Replies: 8)
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looking for rate term refi 90% ltv noo i/o arm? (Members)
looking for rate term refi 90% ltv noo i o arm. please call or email with suggestions. Thank you, Rick 850 485 1802 (Replies: 5)
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Contingent Liability (Members)
Borrower co-signed for mom on her mortgage. (he is on title too) Was going to do a conv refi for him on a primary and requested 12 months bank statements to confirm mom is making the payment so tha (Replies: 6)
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Fannie and Modified/Re-structured (Members)
From selling guide: Restructured Mortgage Loans A restructured loan is a mortgage loan in which the terms of the original transaction have been changed, resulting in absolute forgiveness of debt (Replies: 5)
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Jumbo Refi Texas FICO 690 (Members)
Good morning. I have a Jumbo refinance for consideration. - Jumbo - 500K loan amount - 690 FICO - 59% LTV - Owner occupied - Refinance of an existing Texas A6 Cashout (no cash back just refi) (Replies: 1)
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VA Loan Refi - Farm, Agricultural, (Members)
Applicants live in sfr on Farm agricultural property that is on 20 acres that is secured by a VA loan that was last refinanced 2 years ago. Applicants looking to refi existing VA loan with a VA Refi (Replies: 2)
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Hard Money Refi & Cash-Out Financing Nationwide (Members)
1.The investment property has to be own free- and- clear. 2.You could leverage the property for any reason. Term –13 Months Loan to ARV–50% Interest Rate 10% - 13% ( varies based on LT (Replies: 4)
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Mortgage Refi - Business Idea Overseas (Members)
Hey everyone, I want to get an opinion on this business idea I've been thinking about, its nothing new. I'm thinking of relocating myself overseas, where I have access to a call center and telemark (Replies: 2)
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Appraise Value does Not Cover Payoffs (Members)
Maybe someone can help me figure out a way to help my Borrower. Bought 2 family, two SFRs on one lot, with a private first mortgage and a private second mortgage, balances about $104,000 and $45,00 (Replies: 13)
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Putting together a puzzle (Members)
Refi; conventional or fha 85% ltv 700 fico 430k loan amount Craziness begins... Borrower lives in and is on title (for 10 mos) to subject property, a duplex. Has been making the payments l (Replies: 2)
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Private or Hard 4 properties chicago (Members)
Can anyone do this? 4 Properties in the chicago area. Cuyler, 95% done. ARV $352,000 N Narragansett, 60% done ARV $352,000 South Hills, 65% done ARV $1.15m Liberty, 10% done (Reno (Replies: 1)
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VA Loan Experts (Members)
Buyer wants to go VA and do a cash out refinance on existing property. He wants to pay off the 2nd (Navy Federal Credit Union) but keep it. LTV will be 70% or less with the cash out. Anyone (Replies: 14)
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Commercial subprime and conforming loans . (Members)
Hello, My name Is Al Mudre and I have over 25 years experience in commercial residential lending.. STOP WASTING TIME WITH PLACING YOUR COMMERCIAL LOAN NEEDS...We help clients achieve their dreams by c (Replies: 0)
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Private Lender Needs To Move $ 25 MM by April 30th (Members)
NATIONWIDE LENDER SPEICALIZING IN ALTERNATIVE FINANCING * Our Niche is Commerical Refinance We Specialized in Refinance for Commerical Properties. So if you have to refinance because of a Ballon p (Replies: 3)
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Commercial auto repair shop refinance (Members)
Looking for a commercial lender to refinance a repair shop. The owner rents out the auto repair shop for $4150 a month. The owner wants a 30 year fixed loan for $450K cash out. The LTV is only 50%. Hi (Replies: 5)
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