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FHA Escrow hold backs for repairs Wholesale Lender (Members)
I used to work with Residential Bancorp when doing FHA loans that allow escrow hold-backs for minor repairs. Unfortunately, they closed their. Is anyone familiar with any lenders that allow the escr (Replies: 4)
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2nd charged off less than 2 yrs (Members)
Charge off on a 2nd about 20 months ago (which is considered SS). 65% ltv oo sfr 699 fico 21 31% ratios 450k loan amount 24 mos reserves (401k) Arm or Fixed is ok Fremont portfolio decl (Replies: 4)
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who does 2nds on purchase 90% in california (Members)
Who is a wholesaler that does 90% concurrent 2nds in California? Flagstar does 80% and there is talk of increasing but nothing yet need to find to close in February. (Replies: 5)
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3rd mtg to pay off ex from divorce, Cali (Members)
Suggestions please. Anyone know of a lender that offers a 3rd mortgage for a home located in California? Credit and job history are solid. Income is there. Family is getting divorced and one is ke (Replies: 11)
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Who has the lowest rate Jumbo products in the industry for the NY NJ area for non-correspondent brokers. It used to be that we could smoke the banks but, now I seem to be losing borrowers left and ri (Replies: 11)
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Looks like a lot of M&A action (Members)
Going on right now. Freedoms on a roll. http: articles 37787-freedom-mortgage-acquires-sterling-national-bank-mortgage-lending-business (Replies: 0)
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2nd Mortgae Lenders, Wholesale (Members)
Hello, I have a borrower with a credit score at about 690, BK about 4 years ago, and is looking for a 2nd mortgage for about $25-50K. CLTV would be under 80%. Solid file (outside of BK). Any lender (Replies: 0)
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Hi Guys, I need a FHA Streamline w no credit scores required (his are appx 600 now) Clean Credit, just bought an outdated home, and updated it and took out a bunch of new accounts to do so..... so (Replies: 2)
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LLC (Members)
Any lenders out there funding with LLC on title. (Replies: 1)
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Log Home Cash out 65% Bank Statements (Members)
Anyone know of a subprime lender for a Log Home 65%LTV 65% CLTV - 650K Loan amount - - Idaho- Looking (Replies: 1)
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Kinecta Federal Credit Union (Members)
Hello, does someone work with Kinecta credit union? it took me a while to get approved with them, but the process of submission is horrible. For the past 2 weeks file still in submission stage, may (Replies: 0)
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Customer owns 11 properties (Members)
What lenders do you know, or would recommend that will do loans for customer that presently owns 11 properties? Please, no hard money guys. thanks (Replies: 6)
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LO that holds a Real Estate License (Members)
Hello, I want to know if there are any Lenders doing business in 50 states out there that would allow me to originate VA, Conventional loans and or commercial loans with an active license in rea (Replies: 2)
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LO that also holds a Real Estate Lic. (Members)
Hello I want to know if there are any Lenders doing business in 50 states out there that would allow me to originate VA, Conventional loans and or commercial loans with an active license in real e (Replies: 0)
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Aggressive Jumbo Lenders (Members)
I am looking for a very aggressive jumbo lender who can compete with the banks. PLEASE HELP! Losing thousands to the likes of Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Thanks! (Replies: 11)
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Need new lenders (Members)
Ok, so i have about had it with our biggest lender we use. The only reason why we have stayed with them so long, sending most of our loans there is because so far i cannot find anyone that can compete (Replies: 36)
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Any lenders out there with <5 days Turn Times?? (Members)
Having a hard time finding any wholesale lenders out there that have turn times that aren't 5-10+ days to UW a loan so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Even some of the most well kn (Replies: 24)
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Warehouse in MD (Members)
Warehouse in MD with an occupying business in the building. Buyer is looking to buy building and the business. I will discuss in more detail. Right now looking for lenders who can do Wareho (Replies: 9)
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Pledged Assets Program (Members)
Who has this program other than BofI? Have a client that owns 4-5 props, free and clear, worth approx. $275k-$300k. Has $100k down; but, wants to buy $1.6mil property. BofI does not accept pr (Replies: 0)
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Refinance and new puchase mortgage leads. needed? (Members)
We are Generating Fresh refinance mortgage leads and new purchase mortgage leads everyday.All the lead are exclusive.Looking for direct brokers,Lenders and realtors,loan officers to buy leads.Reseller (Replies: 6)
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Mortgage Leads available (Members)
hey Everyone I would like to introduce myself.My name is Jeff and I am new to this forum.I am in lead generation business for more than 8 years now.I am working directly with the brokers,lenders,l (Replies: 0)
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slow turn times (Members)
Interbank's turn times have become really bad....they keep saying they are at 24 hours on a purchase underwrite but I have now had one in there for 5 days. Refi's they are saying up to 7 days. Conditi (Replies: 19)
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lenders for 2015 (Members)
I am doing review of all my lenders now to see if I need to add any new ones for 2015. Wondering if anyone has signed up with anyone recently and would recommend? (Replies: 19)
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Manuf Home built in 1985 (Members)
Customer found a manuf home built in 1985. It's been remodeled, and is permanently affixed. Know anyone that may consider this? (Replies: 8)
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know any great California jumbo lenders ? (Members)
Does anyone know of any really good jumbo lenders for California ? regional type lenders. I get quite a few 800k or higher loans, that may need unlimitted cash-out with great rates. I know her (Replies: 7)
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