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2nd Mortgae Lenders, Wholesale (Members)
Hello, I have a borrower with a credit score at about 690, BK about 4 years ago, and is looking for a 2nd mortgage for about $25-50K. CLTV would be under 80%. Solid file (outside of BK). Any lender (Replies: 0)
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Stand Alone 2nds (Members)
Hi, Does anyone know any wholesale lender that will work with mortgage brokers to originate stand alone 2nd mortgages such as HELOC, home equity etc...? Thanks (Replies: 2)
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Wholesale Stand Alone 2nd mortgages (Members)
Just curious if anyone has any good contacts for wholesale 2nds. Occasionally I have borrowers request 2nd mortgages or Helocs and I hate to turn the business away... any thoughts? (Replies: 1)
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Purchase money 2nd MTG Needed (Members)
Good Evening, Can someone recommend a lender that will close my 2nd Mortgage Simultaneously with my 1st mortgage that I've already secured? Scenario: $710,000 Purchase price $417,000 1st M (Replies: 4)
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HELOCs and HARD MONEY 2nds...WHO DOES IT (Members)
Who is doing HELOCS...wholesale? Hard Money 2nds? Anybody? Anybody? Everyones help is appreciated. Thank you, Steven B. TransUnited (Replies: 8)
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Conventional Second mortgages (Members)
I heard US Bank is doing these now for high qualified borrowers. Any other recommendations or suggestions? (Replies: 1)
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Heloc using full appraisal instead of desktop? (Members)
I am trying to help a client get a heloc in 2nd position and having issues. They applied at Wells Fargo but were denied due to not enough equity. Desktop stated $508k value but full appraisal was do (Replies: 1)
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Debt Consolidation 2nd TD sought (Members)
I have a California client with a 740 FICO who has just 4 years left on his 1st TD. He has a $57K 2nd TD (@6.5%) and $43K in credit card debt. He would like a new $100K 2nd TD whereby he would consoli (Replies: 3)
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2nd Mortgage (Heloc) Needed for LA Borrower (Members)
Hello, I have a borrower that needs a 2nd mortgage (HELOC) that will go behind a first that we will be providing (Merrill Lynch). The borrower's Fico is 690. He has around $165k in reserves. CLT (Replies: 1)
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IL Purchase 2nd HELP- urgent, deal ready! (Members)
Hello everyone, I need help getting a purchase 2nd behind an FHA 1st up to 90%CLTV. FHA first is 410k, 2nd is 205k. -Property is SF in Orland Park, Cook County -MID Fico is 795 -Ratios 43 53 (Replies: 8)
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California 2nd Hard Money Construction Loan (Members)
New construction, sfr property in Trinity Center, CA - Northern Calif.. As is value is $200,000 - Has a 1st mortgage for $103,000 , wants a $50,000 net loan to finish interior construction - (sheet (Replies: 3)
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100% CLTV 2nd or HELOC in California? (Members)
Does this actually exist? Primary, SFR, within conforming limits, just wondering what lenders still do up to 100% financing heloc's or fixed 2nd's for a client looking to do home additions. Thanks! (Replies: 8)
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Gap funding (Members)
I have a multifamily property that is selling for $1.3 mm. There were 3 investors who were joint purchasing but one of them walked and the other 2 are short $97,000 for the down payment. The sell (Replies: 0)
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2nd Mortgage Principal Reduction Only? (Members)
Does anyone know if it's possible to get a principal reduction on a second mortgage with on-time payment history but upside down? I have client with the following situation: 1st mtg = $120K 2nd (Replies: 2)
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2nds to 85% or 90% - Minnesota (Members)
685 score 38% DTI Anyone know someone doing 2nd's to 85% or 90% with these kind of scores? Thanks!! (Replies: 1)
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689 mid score (Members)
I am trying to figure how far 2nds are going up to in cltv. (Replies: 1)
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732 FICO - 25% LTV - Primary Res -Need $150,000 (Members)
Hey team, I used to be a broker back in the day, but now I work for Chase. I have a client that needs a $150,000k equity line but doesn't want to wait for our 90 day processing timeliine. Here are t (Replies: 3)
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Charged off 2nd Mortgage (Members)
Ok, here is one for you. Client has a 400k 1st, and a 200k 2nd. I couldn't refi since the home was worth 600k. So they went to a Loan Mod company. The 2nd started Foreclosure process, then two week (Replies: 22)
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2nd Mortgage in FL SFR? (Members)
Anyone knows any lender that can provide a 10% 2nd mortgage to purchase: - Central Florida - SFR, purchase price under $250k, Primary Residence - Full Doc, strong assets, stable employment - Cre (Replies: 3)
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loan mod (Members)
Need some help.. I have a friend that has been working on his personal loan mods. (1st and 2nd) Both of the loans were for the purchase of the home (primary residence). He is about 5 months down an (Replies: 7)
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2nd Lien needed to 75% CLTV (Members)
I am looking for a bank who can do a 2nd lien of $170,000 behind a Wells Fargo approved 1st lien of $561,000 (agency high balance). LTV on the second is 17.4% and CLTV is 75%. Borrower is SE for 2 yrs (Replies: 1)
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Free Deal to Broker in CO (Members)
Anyone set up with US Bank? I have a deal that is in Colorado that needs to go 90% on a second mortgage. I think US bank goes this high but not sure. I am doing the first and you can close the second (Replies: 2)
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2nd Mortgage to 90% CLTV (Members)
Hey there, I have a borrower with a 680 midscore and I need a 2nd to 90% CLTV, prefer a HELOC. SFR Oregon OO Full Doc R&T $195k loan amount 90% CLTV 680 midscore (Replies: 1)
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Short Sale Question (Members)
I have a client who wants to buy a property from his brother-in-law as a short sale. The brother in law owes 250K (Indymac)on the first and 70K (Citibank) on the second. The property is now worth abou (Replies: 2)
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Second Mortgage (Members)
I am looking for a company that would do a 200k+ second to 85% CLTV in AZ (720+ FICO Full Doc 417k 1st 100k down) ? I am trying to break up a jumbo to a conforming 1st and 2nd. I know (Replies: 0)
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