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Tougher Mortgage Lending Guidelines
Why have mortgage lenders tightened their guidelines so much? Can I still buy a home with zero or no money down? Will I be able to refinance with the tougher mortgage lending guidelines? I am not able

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/199218.htm (Updated: 06/23/2008)
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Best Place To Get A Mortgage
So where is the best place for a person to get a mortgage loan from? This is one of the most common questions asked by consumers today due to the wide variety of different types of mortgage lending in

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/153801.htm (Updated: 08/31/2007)
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My mortgage financing fell through! Now what?
Because of recent and ongoing changes in the mortgage marketplace some home buyers are getting left out in the cold. The process of shopping for a home is often a 30 day or more experience. In today

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/152058.htm (Updated: 08/13/2007)
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Quiken Loan
Quiken Loans Corporation is the largest online retail home mortgage lending firm in the US, according to National Mortgage News and the 11th largest lender in the United States.

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/128756.htm (Updated: 05/29/2007)
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Subprime lending
A type of mortgage lending intended to serve borrowers who do not qualify for prime loans because of credit problems or a limited credit history.

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/11074.htm (Updated: 05/14/2007)
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