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Cash Out Refinance
A refinance transaction in which the borrower receives cash in excess of existing mortgages and certain financing costs.

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/65139.htm (Updated: 12/27/2007)
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Debt Consolidation Home Refinance
A debt consolidation refinance is when a borrower uses the equity in his her house to consolidate some or all of their existing debt by refinancing their current mortgage.

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/22021.htm (Updated: 12/02/2007)

Credit Score 599
If you have a credit score of 599, or a credit credit score around 599, there are many loan programs that rae still available to you at competitive rates. Be it for a home purchase, to pay off an adj

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/171832.htm (Updated: 10/06/2007)
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Why should I refinance?
Many homeowners are using the appreciation in there homes to get rid of high rate credit cards by consolidating. When you consolidate your loans you often reduce the amount of money your spending ea

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/17869.htm (Updated: 09/04/2007)

Consolidating Debt - Refinance or 2nd Mortgage?
Homeowners who need to consolidate their high interest unsecured debts often wonder what is the best way of doing it. Is it best to refinance your first mortgage or take out a second mortgage or Home

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/57124.htm (Updated: 09/04/2007)
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Using your home equity wisely
Simply put, equity is the difference between the current market value of your home and what you currently owe on it. Obviously, the more equity you have the better. In fact, the ONLY problem with eq

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/130262.htm (Updated: 08/12/2007)
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Refinance 125%
Many homeowners who have little to no equity in their property can refinance at 125% of their homes value. A 125% refinance can help you consolidate debt, improve your home or help pay college tuitio

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/148423.htm (Updated: 08/08/2007)
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Consolidation Loans
Consolidation loans are considered a cash out refinance. As a borrower, you have the option have taking cash from escrow, or having escrow paying the debts off for you with most consolidation loans vy

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/139771.htm (Updated: 07/09/2007)
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Debt Consolidation Refinance
Many homeowners use the equity in their home to pay down or pay off their revolving credit card debt. This is even more so now that the credit card companies have increased their minimum payment requ

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/20074.htm (Updated: 05/31/2007)
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Cash Out Refinance
Cash-out refinance option for those homeowners who have built equity in their property thru market appreciation. A Cash-Out Refinance lets you take advantage of the equity over the years you have bui

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/31632.htm (Updated: 05/25/2007)
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Should I refinance my second mortgage?
Many consumers are becoming worried about the rising interest rates on their second mortgages and want to know if they should refinance to consolidate their first and second mortgage into one. One

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/18109.htm (Updated: 05/20/2007)

Consolidate My Debt
Do you want to consolidate your debt? Regardless if it is credit cards, student loans or car loans you can save a lot of money every month when you consolidate debt into one low payment.

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/120558.htm (Updated: 05/12/2007)
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PayDay Loans
If you are considering a payday loan be very careful about the payday loan company you deal with. Many of these payday loan companies will charge very high interest rate's and fee's and penalties if t

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/124058.htm (Updated: 05/12/2007)
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Consolidate Credit Card Debt
The average US home owner has over $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt! Most credit cards also carry interest rates in the mid to high teens and have high minimum payments. Not only is this unsecure

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/120571.htm (Updated: 05/09/2007)
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Second mortgages
Second mortgages can be used for many different reasons. A second mortgage can be used to consolidate debt, to avoid PMI insurance on a home purchase, to pay for children's tuitions, to provide for a

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/33979.htm (Updated: 04/12/2007)
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Refinancing my primary residence
Refinancing has been a very popular thing to do over the past decade or so. Consumers are realizing the power of their mortgage and the advantages that a mortgage can provide. By refinancing you can:

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/87015.htm (Updated: 03/03/2007)
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Pre Payment Penalty
Even if your current loan has a prepayment penalty, it is possible to refinance your mortgage, consolidate debt, get cash out and still lower your overall monthly payment.

http://www.brokeroutpost.com/reference/50317.htm (Updated: 08/05/2006)


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