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Connecticut Jumbo Mortgage Loans

Despite the shrinking secondary market for Jumbo Mortgage Loans, we have several different jumbo mortgage loan programs available in Connecticut. The following series of paragraphs will review the various guidelines for our jumbo mortgage loan programs in Connecticut.

The new "Conforming-Jumbo" loan limit did not significantly increase in many Connecticut Counties. Our true jumbo program is available in all counties of Connecticut.

There are super jumbo programs available for Connecticut consumers as well, with loan limits up to 10 Million for qualified borrowers.

The maximum financing available in Connecticut under the Fannie Mae High Balance program is currently just $417,000 to $511,750 depending on the county.

As of January 2009, a Jumbo 15 year loan with no points can be obtained in Connecticut with a rate as low as 5% even. This is a great opportunity to accelerate mortgage debt or get out of an adjustable rate mortgage.

There are programs available for stated income for jumbo loans even in this market. these loans are available on a case by case basis, and strong asset reserves are required.

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Connecticut Jumbo Mortgage Loans

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