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FHA and your credit score

FHA loans are not influenced by your credit score. If you have a low credit score and think that you can't qualify for a mortgage then an FHA loan may be your answer.

When shopping for a home loan your credit score is ultimately a large factor for conforming mortgage lenders. This high credit score requirement disqualifies many people from low rate conventional mortgages, however when you utilize FHA financing your overall credit score is not as important as your profile is not as important. What this means is that the FHA underwriters will look at your whole financial picture and base their decision on that. So even if you have a low 500 credit score HFHA more then likely will approve your loan as long as you pay all your bills on time on all of your consumer accounts.

FHA is lenient on credit issues. Interest rates are not increased and loan-to-value,(LTV)are not decreased for derogatory credit.
FHA is not Credit Score Driven. Borrowers without credit scores may be approved with alternative credit resources.
Generally, a history of minor isolated instances or late payments can be outweighed by an explanation of the credit circumstances, coupled with supporting documentation. The payment history of new credit accounts, established since the incident occurred, will be a
good indicator as to how future payments will be made. Compensating factors can also outweigh some minor credit issues.

FHA government home loan is made available to people from all professions in contrast to VA home loans that are made available only to veterans. The FHA aims at providing home loans to people who find it difficult to qualify for conventional home loans and this includes people with bad credit and also people with low income.

If a borrower has some derog credit on their credit report, it is advisable for the borrower to write a letter of explanation as to what happened. This "loe" will help the underwriter make a decision as to whether to extend credit to the borrower.

There are some lenders with restrictions currently for credit scores. Typically those with reasonable credit- a 540 score or better as well as those with no credit score can still be eligible for financing.

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FHA and your credit score

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