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Mortgage Application
A mortgage application is also called more commonly a 1003 and sometimes a URLA (Uniform Residential Loan Application). The mortgage loan application must be completed in order to apply for a home loa

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What is a 1003 Mortgage Application?
A 1003 Mortgage Application is the standard application filled out by a mortgage professional on behalf of a borrower applying for a mortgage loan.

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A 1003 is a Uniform Residential Loan Application.

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Income Documentation
NINA, also referred to as No Income No Asset, loans are mortgage loans in which No income and No assets are listed on your resdiential home loan application, also called a 1003. There will generally b

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Apply for a mortgage
A borrower can apply for a mortgage online, or by speaking with a mortgage professional on the phone, or by stopping in to sit down with a mortgage professional. You will need to complete a 1003 (loa

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This is the number assigned by the Federal government to the standard form which all customers fill out to apply for a home loan.

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1003 Application
The first step in the official loan approval process; this form is used to record important information about the potential borrower necessary to the underwriting process.

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