Mortgage Broker Forums at Broker Outposthttp://forum.brokeroutpost.comBroker Outpost makes finding a qualifying loan program more efficient for mortgage brokers, and offers wholesale lenders an opportunity to market their unique loan programs. Loan search and support forums require registration, its free!Trump Team Said to Plan Delay of FHA Premium Cut (by: KnowsBetter), I think we all knew this was coming..... The incoming Trump administration is likely to postpone a 25-basis-point reduction in the Federal Housing Administrations annual mortgage insurance premium, housing policy sources said. After he is sworn in on Friday, Donald Trump plans to issue an executive order freezing a number of actions by the Obama administration. The FHA premium reduction will be among the policies put on hold, according to a housing industry lobbyist. The Trump transition team was not immediately available for comment Wednesday. The premium cut was slated to take effect Jan. 27. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro announced the plan to reduce the mortgage insurance premium on Jan. 9. Assuming Trump signs his executive order, his nominee for HUD secretary, Ben Carson, will have time to review the mortgage insurance premium reduction and decide whether it should take effect. Several Washington sources said they expect the Trump administration to eventually rescind the FHA premium reduction. "Given the reaction from Republicans on the Hill to the [premium] reduction, and Dr. Ben Carsons own comments at his nomination hearing last week, lenders and borrowers are feeling the uncertainty, and ought to be prepared for the likelihood of the new administration reversing course quickly after the inauguration," said a mortgage lobbyist. The premium reduction would lower the FHA annual premium to 60 basis points, which is close to where it was before the housing crisis a decade ago. Homebuyers also pay a 1.75% upfront fee when they take out an FHA-insured loan. Some mortgage-backed securities analysts estimate the premium reduction could generate an additional $50 billion in single-family loan endorsements for FHA in 2017. However, others say the potential impact would only be incremental. - Last Post by: KnowsBetter on 01/24/2017 @ 12:25 AMCalling all Product Experts here ... (by: KnowsBetter) anyone see a the biggest advantages to use one over the other ? - Last Post by: KnowsBetter on 01/24/2017 @ 12:10 AMHELOC 2nd - Full Doc (by: KnowsBetter) there a 2nd lien wholesale HELOC lender that will do a conventional full-doc, high FICO HELOC? - Last Post by: KnowsBetter on 01/23/2017 @ 11:52 PMHard money in Houston, TX (by: bria) a client who is looking at buying a N/O/O SFR for $130k and can put 35-40% down. Home is in OK shape, not sure if itd be marked as having deferred maintenance or not. Issue is the client has a federal tax lien. Has high income and will be knocking out the tax liens within the next 12 months, so the exit plan is to refinance into conventional at that time or the client can pay off the hard money loan within 2-3 years. Anyone doing hard money in Texas? - Last Post by: bria on 01/23/2017 @ 9:02 PMNeed hard money in Georgia (by: bria) hard money lender in Georgia client trying single family investment /flip Ralph 508 202 6223. - Last Post by: bria on 01/23/2017 @ 8:28 PMSo, who has put on (by: AlexMTG) ever? and how do you get the leads to come be at the seminar you hold open ? what kind of location do you hold it open at ? do you do it with a realtor partner ? thanks - Last Post by: AlexMTG on 01/23/2017 @ 7:45 PMThere You Have It (by: liverichly) sincere apologies have been posted to the group on May 22, 2011. Paul - Last Post by: liverichly on 01/23/2017 @ 5:33 PMVA (by: bmd) someone please give me instructions on how to reach WebGLY in order to pull a Certificate of Eligibility? Thanks, Greg - Last Post by: bmd on 01/23/2017 @ 5:20 PM90% LTV Cash over 1M (by: clarenceworley) have a 780 credit score needing a loan just over $1M up to 90% LTV. Any lenders out there doing these? - Last Post by: clarenceworley on 01/23/2017 @ 5:00 PMTRID & CPFB Overhaul - please come soon (by: MarkIFC) cant take some of BS that goes on. Initial LE - $50 for credit report. report is only $15 to $20, But a supplement or score analysis, or rapid re-score will increase the fee up to $100 or so. These fees can be grouped within the credit report on the LE. - $750 for appraisal on LE. The appraisal is only $550. But a re-inspection or final inspection costs an additional $200. It should be grouped together "logically" since it is the same appraiser, same report and and is an addendum to the original appraisal. BUT "some lenders" want to list it separately and re-disclose on LE. Anyone else see this as unnecessary. I hope Trump or Carson can kill off some these red-tape steps we have to endure. Its Way Over-regulated. - Last Post by: MarkIFC on 01/23/2017 @ 4:39 PMNon-Warrantable Condo - 1 person owns 50% of units (by: liverichly) know who is offering a fixed rate (other than Citadel) for a non-warrantable condo (4 units total) where one person owns 2 of the 4? Looks like we have Advancial as an option for an ARM. Owner occupied refinance, 25% LTV, good credit. NY state. - Last Post by: liverichly on 01/23/2017 @ 3:40 PMWho does Jumbo Loans wholesale needed (by: raeline) there such a thing of 5%-10% down on sales price of $1,100,000 program if so what does fico need to be at? - Last Post by: raeline on 01/23/2017 @ 3:28 PMOnly been self-employed for 9months in CA (by: Brianquigley) have a client in CA who has been self-employed for 9 months. The income is there. He is looking to refinance so that he can get cash-out on his owner occupied property. Credit score is 700. Before he was self-employed he was doing the exact same thing, but was W-2 for someone else. His current rate on his 1st is at 3.75%. Im pretty sure I can get him to take a new 1st if were moderately close to his current rate (I wont be able to sell him on it if we have to double the rate). Hes ideally looking for a 2nd, but I dont think that will work due to the way fees are structured. - Last Post by: Brianquigley on 01/23/2017 @ 2:05 PMCitadel quit their 2nds (by: Jmtgs4u) there any other lenders comparable to Citadel that can offer a 2nd? I have a 78k deal at the moment on my plate in Orange County, CA about 65%LTV full doc debt consol. - Last Post by: Jmtgs4u on 01/23/2017 @ 1:37 PMproud.................once again! (by: SuperCoop) have been disappointed in my country for a number of years. I have seen good leaders and bad over the last 70 years. Never did I believe that the country would not survive until 8 years ago. I am not as some are in complete awe of the president elect but I am once again HOPEFUL that things will turn around for our great republic. I watched tonight as the president elect stood before the Lincoln memorial and I hoped that his heart was as dedicated to the preservation of our union as Lincolns. We shall see! God bless Donald J. Trump and God bless the United States of America!! - Last Post by: SuperCoop on 01/23/2017 @ 1:30 PMPoll: Most Americans Say Dont Repeal Obamacare Wi (by: SuperCoop) overwhelming majority of people disapprove of Republican lawmakers plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act without having a ready replacement for the health care law, according to a poll released Friday. And judging by the letter-writing and lobbying in the first week of the new congressional session, many health care and business groups agree. A poll released Friday by the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that 75 percent of Americans say they either want lawmakers to leave Obamacare alone, or repeal it only when they can replace it with a new health care law. Twenty percent of those polled say they want to see the law killed immediately. But Drew Altman, CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation, says the poll shows lawmakers dont have a strong mandate to repeal Obamacare. "Most of the American people said theyre either against repealing it or theyre against repealing it unless Republicans put a replacement plan on the table," Altman says. "They want to see what comes next before they seen the ACA repealed." Americans are about equally divided over whether Congress should repeal Obamacare, the poll shows. But of the 48 percent who want the law rolled back, about 60 percent want lawmakers to wait until they have an alternative plan. And Obamacare isnt even peoples top health care concern. The vast majority 67 percent say their top priority is finding a way to lower their health care costs. The poll findings come just days after Republicans in the Senate took the first step toward repealing President Obamas signature health care law. They voted on Wednesday to move ahead with a budget resolution that will allow them to take funding away from Obamacare, which will effectively gut the law because the subsidies to buy insurance, and the penalties for not doing so, will disappear. Republicans say they intend to vote on repeal, but give the law time to sunset while they come up with a replacement that will give the millions of people covered under Obamacare access to insurance through some other vehicle. On Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said the replacement legislation would pass by the end of the year. But doctors, hospital groups, insurers and analysts are skeptical of that strategy. In letters, press releases and advertising campaigns, many organizations have made it clear that they want to see a replacement for the Affordable Care Act in place, or at least outlined, before Congress repeals the current law. A report released Dec. 6 by the American Hospital Association and Federation of American Hospitals warned that a repeal could cost hospitals hundreds of billions and said "any reconsideration of the ACA should be accompanied at the same time by provisions that guarantee similar coverage to those who would lose it." A letter sent Tuesday from the American Medical Association urged lawmakers to release details of their Obamacare replacement before repealing the current law. "Patients and other stakeholders should be able to clearly compare current policy to new proposals so they can make informed decisions about whether it represents a step forward in the ongoing process of health reform," the letter said. Dr. Andrew Gurman, president of the American Medical Association, says people should be able to evaluate the proposed Obamacare replacement before the current law is thrown out. "People in this country need to understand what it is theyre being asked to substitute for whats there now so they can have an informed opinion about whether its better or not," Gurman says. And repeal and delay? "We have a concern that that creates uncertainty in insurance markets and uncertainty in people about whether theyre going to have continuity of coverage," Gurman adds. He says he and his members talk with lawmakers regularly. A separate study released Thursday projects that a straight repeal of the law could kill 3 million jobs across the country by 2021. That study, by the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, finds that about a third of those lost jobs would come from health care, and the rest would be in other industries such as retail, construction, finance and insurance. Total business output could be cut by as much as $2.6 billion over four years, the report says. California, Florida and Texas would be most affected. Leighton Ku, the reports lead author, says the debate over ACA repeal has focused almost completely on insurance coverage and has ignored the broader economic impact. "The payments you make to health care then become income for workers and income for other businesses. And this spreads out," Ku says. "Health care is almost a fifth of the US economy, so as you begin to change health care, there are repercussions that go across all sectors." Ku says he cant estimate what economic impact Obamcare replacement would have because Republicans have yet to lay out their plans. "Its a mystery," he says. - Last Post by: SuperCoop on 01/23/2017 @ 1:29 PMalright ... (by: waynepbright) - Last Post by: waynepbright on 01/23/2017 @ 12:12 PMAshley Judd (by: datalyst) a NASTY woman! lol - Last Post by: datalyst on 01/23/2017 @ 12:04 PM12 month bank statement program verified assets (by: jwoodeasybridgefinance) is a good lender with the best pricing on this? i have homebridge but not excited about the pricing 6.875 at par on 5 year fixed. purchase 65% ltv.. - Last Post by: jwoodeasybridgefinance on 01/23/2017 @ 11:49 AMDocusign (hope this is not a stupid question) (by: jwoodeasybridgefinance) as a Real Estate brokerage owner, as well re-opening my mortgage brokerage, I can get a Docusign account at a discounted rate, through the MLS. My question is, is Docusign usable for both Real Estate contract docs, as well as mortgage docs, ie, I will only need one account? Sounds crazy, but while we receive a lot of contracts signed by Docusign from buyers agents, we dont typically act as both selling and listing broker, I concentrate on getting the REO listings done properly, and make my listing side commission. My "frequent flyer" investors that buy from me regularly, meet me in person, grab coffee or meet at the property, and I get it all wet-signed, or I email docs in a PDF for their signatures. So any input is appreciated - I just need to know if one account will do it, or if I need one for each company(Realty and Mortgage Brokerage) Thanks in advance for your help! <i></i><u></u><b></b><b></b> - Last Post by: jwoodeasybridgefinance on 01/23/2017 @ 11:47 AMPrinary condo purch 605 score (by: sando119) have a solid borrower who co-signed for his sisters car, and didnt realize she had 2 late payments in the past 6 months. His score is 605. Nothing we can do to get it up to 620 in short run. looking to buy a non FHA approved condo. Has 20 or 25% down. W2 borrower. Who is good for this? - Last Post by: sando119 on 01/23/2017 @ 10:59 AMTrumps Tax Returns (by: liverichly) We are waiting ??? . o wait I lied again , I am not releasing them - Last Post by: liverichly on 01/23/2017 @ 10:49 AMremn (by: jwoodeasybridgefinance) it me or is this quite possibly the worst company to currently exist? The underwriters dont answer their phones. They condition on top of condition. There is no way to get through to them besides email and its almost as if they dont want to close the file. I am having nothing but terrible experience with them in the last 3 months. - Last Post by: jwoodeasybridgefinance on 01/23/2017 @ 10:36 AMFHA/HUD officially suspends MIP reduction (by: LO1003) - Last Post by: LO1003 on 01/23/2017 @ 10:15 AMOutbound Engine (by: Broker G) any of you used Outbound Engine to get your leads? If so what were the results? - Last Post by: Broker G on 01/23/2017 @ 10:13 AM$1.8M Four family Purchase in NJ Primary (by: JohnatAFC) County NJ is High cost county Maximum loan,primary 4 family Agency loan is $1,223,475 at 4.400% 30 Fixed That is 32.03% down payment Borrower wants minimum down payment. Can anyone do 20% down, mortgage amount$1,440,000 Really would like 15% down. 800 credit score W2 job DTI under 43% - Last Post by: JohnatAFC on 01/23/2017 @ 09:26 AMSOROS (by: KnowsBetter) Soros lost a billion dollars shorting the market after Trumps election win. Couldnt happen to a nicer guy! - Last Post by: KnowsBetter on 01/23/2017 @ 09:11 AMfha mip (by: AlexMTG) have a customer that was waiting to close the 27 because the debt ratio was so tight we needed the lower fha mip. DU will only approve a 47.08% debt ratio. Does LP take a higher ratios than DU???? I need 47.6% Thanks! do not want a homeless customer - Last Post by: AlexMTG on 01/23/2017 @ 08:12 AMAlternative Facts (by: liverichly) love this one ... surprise trump and company got trip up over this ! Kellyanne Conway says Donald Trumpss Team has alternative facts ! They are called lies ! - Last Post by: liverichly on 01/22/2017 @ 9:55 PM2nd charged off less than 2 yrs (by: bmd) off on a 2nd about 20 months ago (which is considered SS). 65% ltv oo sfr 699 fico 21/31% ratios 450k loan amount 24 mos reserves (401k) Arm or Fixed is ok Fremont portfolio declined wanting 24 mos seasoning Any suggestions on a portfolio lender that will take this with reasonable terms? (no Citadel or other non-primers b/c borrower will not take that) - Last Post by: bmd on 01/22/2017 @ 9:51 PM